Report: WWE Planning 'A Big Night' For Roman Reigns And The Usos At SummerSlam 2021

One of the most compelling angles in WWE right now

WWE is reportedly planning on having The Usos fully aligned with Roman Reigns in time for SummerSlam 2021, with the August pay-per-view set to be a 'big night' for the trio.

One of the most compelling storylines in WWE recently has been the return to action of Jimmy Uso, who has stood up to his cousin and Universal champion Reigns since returning to SmackDown last month.

Jimmy and brother Jey challenged for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles against Rey and Dominik Mysterio last week, and it has been previously reported that The Usos will be the duo to dethrone the Mysterios for the Championships.

WrestleNews.co is reporting that The Usos vs. The Mysterios feud will continue into the summer and will see them eventually take the gold from Rey and Dominik, with Jimmy and Jey both being fully on board and cousin Reigns by the time they do.

The plan is to present the trio as a tight-knit group and, while WWE are trying to elevate Reigns to the level of former franchise players such as John Cena and The Rock, the promotion recognise the importance of taking Jimmy and Jey up the ladder as well. 

WrestleNews.co quote a source as saying: "Obviously, the plan is to build Roman up so fans see him as being on the level of Cena and Rock but this is also about making Jimmy and Jey look strong and we will get there by SummerSlam. This will be a tight-knit unit in a few months."

Another source reportedly said: "SummerSlam will be a big night for Roman and for Jimmy and Jey."

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