Report: WWE Sees Elias As One Of Raw's Top Stars

He's on the cusp of entering the main event picture...

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Elias told Justin Barrasso that he thinks his feud with Jeff Hardy can be a "stepping stone" to the main event scene. 

The Drifter seemingly isn't the only one who thinks this. Inside The Ropes recently reported that WWE sees Elias as one of the top stars on Monday Night Raw and the company views him as a major Superstar on the cusp of entering the main event picture. 

Inside The Ropes also noted WWE's resident rock star was moved to the red brand because the company trusts him to be entertaining no matter how long a segment is. With the extra hour on Raw, this will allow Elias to be a part of longer segments like the rock concert he hosted on this week's show. 

How long it will take Elias to enter the main event picture remains to be seen, but he will go one on one with Jeff Hardy this Sunday at Hell In A Cell. 

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