Report: WWE Superstars Want Production To Shut Down Following New Coronavirus Cases

At least four people in the company tested positive for COVID-19 last week...

Last week, reports noted multiple people in WWE had tested positive for coronavirus. Kayla Braxton, Adam Pearce, Jamie Noble and Renee Young have since confirmed they contracted COVID-19 but the actual number of positive cases could be as high as "two dozen."

WWE Superstars are reportedly unhappy with how the company has handled the recent outbreak as they haven't been told how many positive cases there are or who has tested positive. Dave Meltzer also reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that wrestlers believe WWE should shut down production because of the new positive cases.

Meltzer said: "I know people, especially now, I know people, I mean they're going, but they feel it should be shut down… If you're most guys you kind of need a good reason not to go. There are guys who are not big names who haven't been going because of certain family issues that they've accepted for the most part… There's gonna be a lot of people there who are just like, 'Why are we doing this?' But also knowing that for anyone who's not a top guy you're easily replaced, and the fear of cuts is there because they just did a giant round of cuts and you don't want to be in the next round of cuts for the most part."

Despite wrestlers' concerns, WWE will resume TV tapings on Wednesday with double episodes of NXT. The next two weeks of Friday Night SmackDown will then be taped on Thursday while two editions of Raw will be filmed on Friday. 


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