Report: WWE Talent Happy About AEW's New TV Deal

Lots of lovely money for everyone...

On January 15, WarnerMedia announced they had extended All Elite Wrestling's weekly TV show, Dynamite, until the end of 2023 and ordered a second series. With the extension, AEW has now established itself as the second biggest professional wrestling promotion in the world and are seemingly set to provide an alternative to WWE for both fans and wrestlers for years to come.

The new TV deal even went down well amongst Superstars in WWE according to Paul Davis at A source within the company told Davis that AEW's continued existence has meant Vince McMahon has offered talent more money to work fewer dates than their current contracts to avoid them defecting to the opposition.

They cited the example that years ago, only The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels could request a relaxed schedule. But with Superstars having more leverage than they have done for 20 years, WWE has allowed a number of wrestlers to work fewer house shows, including Randy Orton who was able to negotiate a better schedule than his previous contract.

The source told Davis: "Guys are making more and they are not afraid to ask for time off like before. We know these aren't guaranteed contracts like WCW but Vince is more accommodating these days because he wants to keep everyone happy so that wall has been torn down. Some people are getting offered more money with a better schedule. We have AEW to thank for that so I would say thank you AEW for being around."

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