Report: WWE To "Go Hard" Trying To Sign AEW Stars

WWE Reportedly Going To "Go Hard" To Sign Several AEW Wrestlers

Over the last three years or so, plenty of wrestlers have left WWE to pursue a career in AEW, with the likes of Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, Chris Jericho, Sting, and others being among the most notable names to cross the professional wrestling border. However, the tide could now be turning as WWE may very well be looking to sign multiple top AEW stars. 

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE will be aiming to acquire several talents:

“It’s gonna be a real interesting year for Tony (Khan) because a lot of key deals are gonna be up this year. And WWE’s gonna go hard for almost everyone good and also there’s gonna be WWE deals up as well, and he needs to make the product and the perception of the product look attractive enough to where guys on the other side will go ‘you know what? they’re solid, they’re financially stable, they’re doing good, the schedules easier’, you know what I mean? But right now I don’t think the perception of people in WWE is to go there.”

The likes of Kenny Omega and FTR have been discussed recently when it comes to those who could potentially leave AEW when their deals are up, in addition to MJF in 2024. Thus far, Cody Rhodes has been the one big name to make the move from AEW to WWE, but his incredible success could well lead others to follow suit. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly