Result Of WWE Title Match From Monday Night Raw

Who won?

Last week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley demanded a WWE title match with new champion The Miz. Lashley had sufficiently beaten down then-champion Drew McIntyre at Elimination Chamber the previous night, thus making Miz's Money in the Bank cash-in easier.

The match was scheduled for tonight, and faced several false starts.

After announcing that the title match would go on at 9 pm EST, Miz backed out, claiming cramps. The match was then set for 10 pm EST, at which time it appeared it would happen, but Miz took an intentional count-out loss.

A rematch was then scheduled for the end of the night, with Shane McMahon decreeing it would be a lumberjack match to prevent any escapes on the part of The Miz. After a brief match, Lashley planted Miz with a spinebuster, and then drew a submission with The Hurt Lock.

With the win, Lashley captures his first WWE championship, and his first "top of the brand" championship since holding the ECW title in June of 2007.

Counting ECW titles as World titles, Lashley is now a seven-time World champion (one WWE, two ECW, and four Impact/TNA).

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