REVEALED: Why Kazuchika Okada Is Open To Joining WWE Or AEW

Why Kazuchika Okada is contemplating a move to WWE or AEW revealed

Kazuchika Okada is without a doubt one of the most important names in New Japan Pro-Wrestling history, but recent reports have suggested that he could leave the promotion in 2024.

Okada’s current deal is set to expire in late January, but whereas in the past it would’ve been no question that ‘The Rainmaker’ would put pen to paper on a new deal, various reports have suggested that Okada could leave New Japan for WWE or AEW.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has shed some more light on the situation, stating that money would be a driving factor if Okada did indeed swap NJPW for WWE or AEW.

Okada would expect to earn far more money wrestling in America than in Japan, with the Japanese Yen low compared to the US dollar. One stumbling block is that Okada’s wife is a well-known actress in Japan, and her work situation may influence whether Okada moves or not.

From a business perspective, Meltzer notes that whilst Okada is loyal to NJPW and has spoken of rebuilding the company to pre-2020 levels following a sharp decline in business post-COVID, he has done all there is to do in the promotion, and years of working ‘strong style’ will have no doubt taken its toll on his body.

A WWE source noted to Meltzer that whilst there is a better chance of landing Okada now than ever before, it is by no means a sure thing. Successfully signing Okada would benefit WWE business in Japan, as although they’ve always had a presence in the country their success in Japan lags behind their success in other international markets.

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