REVEALED: Why TNA Wrestling Fired Scott D'Amore

Reason TNA Wrestling fired Scott D'Amore revealed

Only weeks after one of TNA Wrestling's biggest shows in years, TNA President Scott D'Amore was fired by Anthem, the promotion's parent company, and replaced with Anthony Cicione. The release appeared to come out of nowhere and left a number of TNA talents upset to the point the promotion are reportedly open to talking about releases.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, it is believed that D'Amore was fired after Anthem head Len Asper and the TNA President reached a crossroads and disagreed on how TNA should be operated. D'Amore in recent weeks approached Anthem with an offer to buy TNA Wrestling and the then-TNA President had a letter backed by a major banking institution. Anthem did consider D'Amore's offer but they ultimately rejected it. 

D'Amore reportedly knew around a week to 10 days ago that Anthem would be making the change so he wasn't surprised by his TNA firing. 

Following D'Amore's firing, Anthem will look to integrate TNA with the company's entertainment wing. The promotion's key personnel are still under contract and D'Amore has been the only key figure fired by Anthem. 

D'Amore has had several stints with TNA since 2003. He had been back with the company since 2017 and was appointed an Executive Vice President with Don Callis in December of that year. D'Amore was appointed TNA President in March 2023. 

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