Rey Mysterio Explains His 2015 WWE Exit

Mysterio decided to pursue other endeavours when his contract expired in 2015

WWE star Rey Mysterio has opened up on the circumstances surrounding his 2015 departure from the company. 

Speaking with The National, the masked man explained his decision to exit WWE at the time, saying:

"I left because I was just tired physically, mentally and I just wanted to reconnect with my family. But I always knew that I wanted to come back and I wanted to retire in the WWE. My career was definitely going to end in WWE, no matter what".

Mysterio initially signed with WWE in 2002 and wrestled full-time until his contract expired, though he had numerous absences of varying length due to injury. WWE extended the length of his contract due to the time he took off for injuries.

The former WWE Champion wrestled independently (as well as for Lucha Underground), before returning to WWE in 2018. 

On what motivated his decision to return to the company, Mysterio said: 

"I never really had any desire to go anywhere else. It has always been the WWE. Now I know the WWE has always been my home. And, not only for me, but for my son as well and for my family. You know, we've been part of the WWE brand for 20 years. And, it's once you get to know family, you just don't turn away from them".

Mysterio is set to challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Title on this Friday's episode of SmackDown.

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