Rey Mysterio On Daughter Aalyah's Wrestling Future

"I would back her up 100 percent"

Rey Mysterio revealed during a recent chat with talkSPORT that he would support his daughter Aalyah Mysterio "100 percent" if she decided to pursue professional wrestling further. 

When asked about Aalyah's short WWE run, Rey said: "She enjoyed it very much, even as a little girl when she would appear on TV. We can't forget the CM Punk Happy Birthday [laughs]. That was incredible. She's been getting a feel of this business at certain times.

"She hasn't asked the question, but it's funny you asked me that because my wife, she asked me a couple of days ago, she goes: 'what would you say if your daughter came at you and said Dad, I want to become a wrestler?' I said 'I would be the first one to train her, just like I did with Dom!' She said 'No you wouldn't' [laughs]. I would! I would back her up 100 percent," Rey continued.

"She would still have to continue with her school because she wants to be a part of the medical field so she's working really hard at that right now. But it would be a different experience, but I would be supportive 1000 percent. Maybe she already asked mum and she's testing it with me, right?"

Aalyah previously appeared on WWE TV in late 2020 and was briefly Murphy's love interest. The angle was soon forgotten about, though, and she hasn't been on SmackDown since. 

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