Rhea Ripley On WWE Backstage Atmosphere: "It Feels Like NXT Again”

Rhea Ripley has felt a significant change in WWE since Triple H took over

When Vince McMahon retired from WWE and Triple H took over WWE Creative, many assumed it was only a matter of time before Hunter made WWE feel more like the black and gold era of NXT.

Whilst the changes on screen have been small but significant, the backstage vibe has drastically changed, with Rhea Ripley telling FOX Sports Australia that it feels like NXT:

“It feels like NXT again. It feels like that family environment that I really loved about NXT and miss at the same time. [Triple H] He’s very hands-on, extremely hands-on, which is something I really appreciate. I love being able to go out there and talk to him and just get his opinion on things and learn from him every single Monday, whether it be something small or something big.

“I’m constantly learning every time I talk to him and that’s something I find so important in this business. It’s really important to have Triple H around and to me he feels like that father figure, which is really, really cool. It’s starting to feel a lot like NXT and the environment seems so happy and so excited to be at work which makes a huge difference,” said Ripley.

Ripley’s comments echo those of Bayley, who commented that the new WWE feels like ‘seven years ago’ - when Bayley was one of the cornerstones of NXT’s women’s division.

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