Ric Flair Describes Pro Wrestling As A "Disease" That Has Claimed Him Once Again

Ric Flair loves being back in professional wrestling

Ric Flair is back in the professional wrestling sphere, recently signing with AEW. He has appeared on AEW Dynamite in a surprise appearance, and in the corner of Sting, Adam Copeland, and Darby Allin at the Full Gear 2023 PPV. He will supposedly be in Sting’s corner “every step of the way” ahead of his 2024 retirement. 

Flair recently spoke in an interview with Rich Eisen and noted that as soon he entered AEW, he felt a sense of backstage camaraderie that he had sorely missed, describing it as a “disease”. 

"I've found it again here. The day I walked in here, it's the camaraderie. I just love being with the guys. It's almost like a disease with me. I just like being with the guys and I like going on in front of a live audience. I'm right back in the same business where you just want to know the rating. You want to know what your quarter-hour did. It's back in the race. So at five o'clock, you know, whatever day that I'm on, the next day, like I've been doing my whole life, five o'clock, I am looking for the rating and, 'what did my quarter hour do?' It's competition."

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Written by Andrew Kelly