Orange Cassidy Has "Freshly Squeezed" Engraved On His Sunglasses

Orange Cassidy's sunglasses have an added detail

Orange Cassidy is a very lackadaisical individual, both on-screen and seemingly off-screen to an extent too. He has been showing more signs of life and intensity on television, but for the most part the “King of Sloth Style” has kept to his gimmick. 

In an interview with Under the Ring, Cassidy did reveal one of his quirks, and that is that he gets “Freshly Squeezed” engraved on each pair of his sunglasses. This contrasts his quite simple and nonchalant ring gear. 

"The most expensive thing I wear in the ring is my Ray Ban aviators. I get little engravings on them on the sides of the ear tips that say 'freshly' and 'squeezed.' So if I hand them out or somebody gets them they know that they are the ones that I actually have. Then, I just buy jeans and then jackets and that's really it... Eventually I had to [buy more jeans and jackets] and now I just have a closet that's full of just different colors of denim."

It was also recently revealed that Cassidy is the one behind the stick man drawings on his titantron, which only adds to the charm of it. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly