Ric Flair Says He Was 'Wrong For Getting Upset' In Restaurant Altercation, Denies Being Drunk

Ric Flair addresses restaurant incident further

Ric Flair has commented further on the "peeping tom" incident he was involved in at Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza that came to an end with the 75-year-old being asked to leave the restaurant.

Appearing on The MJ Morning Show on Q105, Flair stated he was wrong for losing his temper. 

"I was wrong for losing my temper. When I feel like I'm put in that area where I'm uncomfortable and all of a sudden everything just fell apart, I got upset. I was wrong for getting upset. I probably just should have just walked out the door, but it caught me so off-guard because we were having a wonderful time. Then all of a sudden... someone in their kitchen said I did something wrong in the bathroom and there's no one there except me and him," Flair said.

The 16-time world champion also denied being drunk, saying he only had "probably" two mixed drinks and Michelob ULTRA beer. Flair couldn't have been too annoyed at the restaurant in the end as TMZ noted he ended up ordering from Piesanos on Uber Eats following the incident. 

The incident at the restaurant saw Flair be asked to leave the establishment after arguing with the restaurant manager, calling him "Nicholas D*ckhead." Flair also offered to pay a waitress $1000 if she would tell the manager to "Kiss my ass." Flair continued to curse at the manager before another patron offered to fight the 75-year-old. 

Flair revealed his side of the incident this week, saying that he could see an employee through the cracks of a bathroom stall "texting away", at which point Flair told them to "Get your ass off there, I need to use the restroom." Flair, who suffers from health issues, was later called a "peeping tom" and a "creep" by another member of staff, which led to the confrontation with the Piesanos manager. 

Flair said he was considering filing a lawsuit following the incident. He also did leave a $1000 tip for the restaurant's bar staff but Piesanos' owners rejected the tip and paid the staff out of their own pocket. 


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