Ricky Morton: I Could Make AEW’s Cody Rhodes The Hottest Heel Or Babyface In The USA Within Three Weeks

The Rock ’n’ Roll Express legend reckons he could work magic with Rhodes

The saga of Cody Rhodes in AEW has tread a weird road in 2021, with the former two-time AEW TNT Champion getting the ‘John Cena treatment’ of hostile fan reactions, despite wrestling as a babyface.

It’s unsure at this point if Rhodes is still a babyface or is subtly turning heel, but ask Rock ’n’ Roll Express legend Ricky Morton and he’ll tell you he’d make him the hottest thing in wrestling in no time at all:

“If I was back there, in three weeks I’d have Cody Rhodes the hottest babyface in the country. Or, I could have him the hottest heel in the country,” said Morton on the WB podcast. “I’m 65 years old. I’ve wrestled the independent circuits and we do big business… I make more money now than I ever made in my life. And I’m 65 years old [and] wrestling because I know how to make people come back. It’s not about what I can do or what move I can do. It’s not that. It’s about, ‘I know how to get the people to come back to see my show’.”

Morton has made several appearances for AEW, memorably taking a piledriver from FTR.

H/T: Bodyslam.net

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