Ricochet Explains Why He Changed His WWE Attire

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Ricochet has switched up his gear in WWE in recent months. 

The former United States Champion previously made his way to the ring in bright trunks or tights, but he has adopted black jeans during his ongoing feud with Sheamus. 

Ricochet was talking about his new look on D-Von Dudley's Table Talk and The One And Only explained why he adopted dark jeans. 

"I just stripped away all the... not flash, I don't want to say flash. I just set a goal. In Japan, all the new kids start with black boots and black trunks. You have to work your way up to get gear. It's a mental thing. In the ring, I'm more direct and will come at you straight. I'm more in a mental state of, I'm in the ring for business. I'm here to fight," Ricochet stated.

When the former Lucha Underground Champion will next pull on the black jeans remains to be seen. His feud with Sheamus initially looked set for Hell In A Cell, with Humberto Carrillo possibly involved too, but Ricochet noted he doesn't think WWE will let The Celtic Warrior wrestle on Sunday.

"I'm focused on Sheamus but his face is broken and I don't think they're going to let him compete. I have no match unless Sheamus wants to get slapped up," he added.

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