Ricochet Has No Plans To Turn Heel In WWE

Heel Ricochet?

Since signing with WWE back in 2018, Ricochet has remained a babyface throughout his run in the company and the former United States Champion has no plans for that to change.

Ricochet was the latest guest on Ryan Satin's Out Of Character Podcast and the 33-year-old noted how important the support of the fans is to his character. 

"I mean, the thing about Ricochet is one of the key things that kind of drives him is the WWE Universe. Especially at the moment, especially with guys like Sheamus out there, Ricochet wants to go out there and show, 'I don't care how big or bad you think you are, it don't matter.’ Look at Drew [McIntyre] will come out there and the look on your face I will smack you in the mouth I don't care. I think at this moment especially because you got so many guys out there, you have Roman, you got Sheamus, you got all these guys out there who are heels essentially, but it's like I want to shut up all those guys out there talking all this talk. I'm gonna shut them up," Ricochet began.

"Yeah, definitely that's the thing I mean, obviously like on paper it's like Ricochet and Drew McIntyre. On paper, this guy should beat this guy. But the thing is, Ricochet has a particular set of skills that allow him to do impossible things and allow him to do things that are extraordinary. You know what I mean? So that's the thing about Ricochet. It's like, it's like, sure, yeah, it's like he doesn't have to size up. But to compensate for his size, he has this set of skills that nobody else in the industry can have, you know, I mean, he has his very specific set, but very rare to have, you know what I mean? So, I think that compensates for any type of size, any type of power or any type of thing like that. I think what I have is just as special in its own right."

Should WWE need him to be a heel, though, Ricochet noted he can play that role while having the fans' support, comparing himself to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. 

"I gotta have some respect on Ricochet's name, for real, because, like you said, I've been doing this for a long time. I have, like you said, back in PWG, being the bad guy was kind of my bread and butter there for years. That's where I kind of got my popularity. Yeah. So if I need to be a bad guy, we all know that I can be a bad guy if I need to be but right now, I don't think I need to be. I think I could still go out there, tell somebody to shut up, smack them in the face, and still have the universe behind me. Stone Cold Steve Austin did it for years. So I mean like you said, if I need to be the bad guy, we all know I can be the bad guy, for sure," he added.

Ricochet remains in WWE's mid-card and he was moved to SmackDown during the 2021 WWE Draft.

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