Riddle Describes The 'Surreal Moment' John Cena Asked To Work With Him On WWE Raw


Riddle has revealed that it was John Cena's idea for the duo to have an interaction on the first WWE Monday Night Raw back in front of fans. 

Cena, who had returned to WWE the night prior at Money In The Bank, opened the first Raw with fans in nearly 18 months with a promo before Riddle came out to prepare for a match. The two would interact in the ring, having a 'bro-off' to loud cheers from the live audience. 

The WWE Raw Tag Team Champion says the whole idea behind that moment came from Cena, who made a point of finding Riddle backstage and asking if we wanted to do it.

Speaking on the Battleground Podcast, Riddle said: "It was a very surreal moment. I ran into John in the back and it was not on the format or schedule. John was gonna go out and do his thing and I was just gonna roll by him.

"John made a note of coming up to me and we talked to each other, and he asked if I would be interested. I said of course. Let’s bro it off, dude. Let’s do it, that would be awesome.

"It’s funny, we did that and Randy hit me up right after and goes, ‘I don’t know if you know this, kid, but John just gave you the rub.’ At first I was like, c’mon, I’ve been wrestling for a long time, I know what just happened. I’m stoked about it. I love how Randy talks to me. Randy is the coolest."

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