Riddle Details Recent Interaction With Goldberg Backstage At WWE Raw

The two reportedly had heat in the past

Riddle has offered details behind his most recent interaction with Goldberg backstage at WWE Raw, amid ongoing rumours regarding heat between the two.

Riddle has been forthcoming in the past regarding his opinions on WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg, resulting in the duo having a tense interaction at SummerSlam 2019 that was captured on camera as a part of WWE Chronicles.

The former United States Champion and the former Universal Champion had a conversation following that initial chat, according to Riddle, who also revealed that he spoke to Goldberg upon his return to WWE Raw a couple of weeks ago.

From Riddle's point of view, it appears any heat between the duo has since died away.

Speaking to Sony Sports India: "I'll say this. I had my interaction with Goldberg, bumped into each other, he's not my bro, I get it, you're not my bro. I kept calling him bro and he didn't like that whatever, you know me, I'm not the best listener.

"Then I talked to him after the match, we had a disagreement, you know, I think he has the belief - and it worked for him - all he needs is a couple of moves in wrestling to be one of the best, and he has the Spear and the Jackhammer. 

"My philosophy is you've got to be good at everything. You gotta talk, you gotta be able to walk, you gotta be able to grapple, you gotta be able to suplex, you gotta be able to do it all, so we disagree on that."

"Bill Goldberg is extremely entertaining, I can't take anything away from that but I'll tell you this, I saw Bill the other day before he challenged Bobby Lashley. He was walking to the Gorilla Position and I was standing there and I was with Damian Priest at the time and he says hi to everybody and then Goldberg comes up to me gives me a look.

"He was making a face and then he goes, 'Hey, congratulations kid....' and I was like, 'Oh man, Goldberg is kind of nice', so I gave him a little handshake and he went out and challenged Bobby and then he was coming out, through Gorilla again and I was like, 'Hey Goldberg, good stuff' and as he gave me a fist bump he says, 'I only need two moves' so I was like, 'Oh man, the guy's still got it'."

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