Riddle Undergoes Official WWE Name Change

Riddle could be changing his name once again

It was reported this week that Theory could be regaining his first name in WWE, and it looks as though Riddle has joined him.

As heard on the August 29 edition of WWE Raw, Raw commentator Corey Graves referred to the former Tag Team Champion as ‘Matt’ Riddle, subtly reversing the WWE mandated name change the ‘Original Bro’ received shortly after his main roster call-up in 2020.

WWE’s official roster page now has him listed as 'Matt Riddle’, and unlike in the case of Theory, it seems that this is a full official name change, not just a relaxing of some of Vince McMahon’s lingering rules. Indeed, during the Attitude Era, The Rock and Triple H were still occasionally referred to as Rocky and Hunter despite neither officially using such monikers at the time, but it seems Matt Riddle is back for good.

As Matt Riddle, the RKBro star wrestled on the indies and in NXT, as well as fighting in the UFC. Upon his WWE main roster call-up in June 2020, the ‘Matt’ part of his name was still official, before being changed to just ‘Riddle’ in October 2020.

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