Ring Of Honor COO Joe Koff Believes COVID-19 Stopped Further Crossover With AEW

Koff notes that opportunities were limited

Ring Of Honor COO Joe Koff believes there would have been more cross-over between ROH and All Elite Wrestling if not for COVID-19.

Koff notes that the concept of a 'Forbidden Door' didn't really exist for Ring Of Honor because of therir work with NJPW and NWA, and has revealed that there weren't too many opportunities to work closely with AEW during their formative months and in early 2020.

When asked about the 'Forbidden Door' on the ROHStrong podcast, Koff said: "I’d never even heard of that, I didn’t even know what that meant. Somebody used that term and I asked them ‘what are you even talking about?’

"When you think about that for a second, when did we really have a forbidden door? I mean we worked with New Japan, we did promotions with NWA, we worked with New Japan America. I mean yes, we did not work with WWE at the time, but it wasn’t because we didn’t necessarily want to, they wouldn’t want to. I mean, it wasn’t even a thought. They set their own rules, and respectfully so. I would never question what they do, they do an unbelievable job.

"AEW, you know we didn’t really have a lot of opportunities. They’re building their promotion, they wrestled through Covid. I think had Covid not hit, I think we probably would have seen a little bit more."

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