Road Dogg Believes WWE "Left Money On Table" With Samoa Joe

Road Dogg believes WWE could have used Samoa Joe better

Samoa Joe managed to achieve some success in WWE, winning the NXT Championship twice, the United States Championship, and main eventing several PPVs. However, former WWE Tag Team Champion and SmackDown writer Road Dogg has opened up about Joe on his Oh… You Didn’t Know podcast, and how he thinks WWE could have done more with him. 

“100 percent (there was more to Samoa Joe in WWE). I think Samoa Joe is money any way you look at it. He’s a great promo, I believe every word he says, he’s well-spoken, he’s a big tank of a man, he can fly around like a bumblebee. He shouldn’t be able to but he can and so it’s just incredible how much money is left on the table with Samoa Joe and look, I don’t know how he’s doing now or whatever but I just think from our company and me working with him, man, there was a lot left on the table with Samoa Joe.”

Samoa Joe’s time as an in-ring competitor in WWE wound down due to injuries and a move to commentary, but since getting released from the promotion he has found glory - winning the AEW TNT Championship and the ROH World Television Championship.

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Written by Andrew Kelly