Road Dogg Thinks WWE Has Room To Run An All-Women's Show

Could WWE run a new all-women’s PPV? Road Dogg certainly thinks so

When WWE ran the all-women’s Evolution pay-per-view event in 2018 it was greeted with a rapturous response, with many feeling an all-women’s event from WWE was long overdue, especially considering how hot the division was at the time.

Since then, there have been numerous calls for a follow-up event, but none have come to fruition. However, WWE’s Road Dogg thinks WWE certainly have room to run a fresh all-women’s event, saying the following on his Oh... You Didn’t Know podcast:

“I think there’s totally room for an all-women show, you know what I mean?” Road Dogg said. “I think there has been for a while now. It just — who wants to buy that? And maybe that’s something in the future that we could talk about in TV sales. But I just think there’s an [opportunity]. Look, there’s definitely enough talent to have an all-women’s two-hour show on ‘blah [network], whatever, you know what I mean? I think you could totally do that.”

The first Evolution event in 2018 was reportedly produced partly to appease fans and talents following WWE’s first shows in Saudi Arabia, with women initially not allowed to perform at the events.

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