Rob Van Dam: 2022 Has Been Like A Rejuvenation

RVD has been having fun in the ring lately

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has referred to 2022 as a 'rejuvenation' for himself. 

The Whole F'N Show has wrestled for various independent organisations, as well as for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan, and is set to pick up more bookings before the end of the year (including for 1PW in the UK). 

Speaking with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Van Dam said: 

"This year, a lot of the offers that are coming through are working so much, I gotta raise my standard up again because I’m so busy. It's been like a rejuvenation. 10-12 matches, which is, I like having them to keep me in top shape and motivate me to keep working out, keep at my best and everything anyway. Besides that, I have been having fun lately in the ring too".

RVD noted that he doesn't feel the need to perform every weekend and that, by being selective, he has raised his value. 

The former WWE Champion also revealed that he will likely be returning to Japan next year and spoke about how much he enjoyed wrestling in the Land of the Rising Sun, saying: 

"It looks like it's very likely that it will keep happening. I've already gone back. I wrestled there June 12, and then I came back on July 16, just a couple weeks ago. We're talking about maybe a return in January, so yeah, it's pretty cool.

"I love wrestling in Japan. I started wrestling there in ‘93. Somebody, a fan there that every wrestler knows this fan, Masa, we all know this guy. He had the whole breakdown for me of, this was the 22nd time that I'd been to Japan, and he had the breakdown, how many times I'd been to that building, the Nippon Budokan, and how many times I was there with All Japan and then FMW and then New Japan and IWGP and WWE and all these different companies, so it's pretty cool. I have a lot of history there. Man, the wrestling is so much better. I was watching the other matches, and I was really proud to be part of that".

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