Rob Van Dam Reveals How He Lost His WWE Hall Of Fame Ring

Rob Van Dam opens up on losing his WWE Hall of Fame ring

Rob Van Dam has done it all in his illustrious career, with his performances in WWE earning him a spot in the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame.

Like all HOF inductees, RVD was presented with a HOF ring, but promptly lost it, with Van Dam explaining on Insight with Chris Van Vliet how the valuable trinket slipped out of his possession:

“So the very first week that I got it, I did a show in Wisconsin and I wasn't used to having it. I left it in the hotel room. I went back to Las Vegas and so it took an honest maid and an honest front desk person and an honest wrestling promoter. Thank you, Ben McCoy for calling me and saying, ‘Did you forget something dude’, and I didn't even know yet. I just got home the next day and wow, I had it for, I don't know. I think it was the same week, so I didn't have it very long and I lost it already," said RVD.

Own up, you thought this was going to be a story about getting very very high didn’t you? 


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