Rob Van Dam Says He Can No Longer Wrestle For WWE

The former ECW and WWE Champion explains why future appearances are now impossible.

Rob Van Dam spoke recently to TheBlast.com regarding his current health and financial situation, stating that a concussion he suffered last year has 'disqualified' him from ever working for WWE again.

RVD was talking about his ongoing divorce proceedings, and is claiming that he should pay less than his estranged wife is asking, due to the loss of income caused by such injuries.

He claims that the concussion has caused him to suffer from 'visual impairment', which would make passing a WWE medical impossible.

The concussion in question is said to have occurred on November 12th 2016, during a match between Van Dam and Pentagon Jr. The bout took place at a Pacific Coast Wrestling (PCW) event in Terrance, California.

Van Dam also states that his merchandising contract with WWE ran out in July 2017 - and that he was informed that it would not be renewed.

It's worth noting that, since the injury in question, Van Dam hasn't been working a particularly lighter schedule than usual. He recently returned from a brief set of appearances in Australia, and took part in a triple threat match at ICW's flagship Fear and Loathing event.

There appears to have been very minimal change to RVD's workload, as this year he appears to have wrestled a similar amount of matches to both 2015 and 2016. However, these totals are significantly less than in 2014, and Van Dam claims that he has been 'aged out' of the business due to injuries over the years.

RVD last wrestled for WWE in 2014, and is a former WWE and ECW Champion. He also enjoyed six Intercontinental Championship reigns, four with the Hardcore title, and three stints as Tag Team Champion - each with a different partner (Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Booker T).

He has also held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and X-Division Championship, having worked regularly for the promotion between 2010 and 2013.

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