Roman Reigns Disagrees With Jon Moxley's WWE Creative Comments

A Shield brother begs to differ...

Roman Reigns spoke with ESPN on Monday about being the co-cover star of the forthcoming WWE2K20 video game, in addition to other topics. These include the recent comments Jon Moxley, the former Dean Ambrose, made about WWE creative.

Among Moxley's criticisms of Vince McMahon and the apparently-stifling, stonewall environment, which were revealed on the Talk is Jericho podcast released just after Moxley's AEW debut in May, was being scripted to say a reprehensible line about Reigns' then-ongoing predicament with leukemia (the line has never been publicly revealed). The man then known as Dean Ambrose refused to say it.

Reigns took an opposite tack to his longtime Shield brother and good friend, saying, "I'll tell you straight-up: I disagree with what (Dean) Ambrose said about the creative process.

"When it comes down to it, creative-wise, that's on you. Communication is communication. When you go in there and you talk to the boss, you gotta let him know."

"Early on, when you don't have any equity, when you haven't put in any time, you should do what the boss says. But once you earn that equity, once you got the keys to the car -- which Ambrose was clearly in that position because all three of us (were) -- you have to speak up for yourself and do what's right for you."

Reigns did reiterate his love for Moxley despite their disagreement, adding, "We came from the bottom and got to where we are now, and he's a huge part of that. No type of business rivalry or any of that crap will ever affect the personal relationship I have with either Seth or Dean."

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