Rusev: "I'm Trying To Catch Vince McMahon's Eye. I Do All These Things But Nothing Changes"

Not the happiest of Rusev Days...

For whatever reason, Rusev's WWE push has failed to match his increase in popularity.

On the latest edition of Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast, Rusev, along with manager/real-life wife Lana, openly lamented about his lot in WWE, his concerns about where he'll end up after dropping the United States title, and his inability to reach Vince McMahon on a level necessary to boost his career.

Rusev on dropping the US Title: "I wanted to make it what it was back when I wrestled John Cena for it. But it seems like every time somebody else has it, nothing happens. Now that I've lost it, the title is probably going to get lost again. And I'm going to get lost probably too."

Lana on her husband's efforts to stand out: "He gets frustrated because he's lost over 50 pounds and works really hard on his body. And he goes, 'Maybe that will make me WWE Champion...I would be pissed if I was him."

Adds Rusev: "I do all these things but nothing changes. I'm trying to catch Vince's eye. We pitch, we talk and it never comes to anything."

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