Rusev Reveals 'Rusev Day' Was Only Supposed To Be A One-Off Thing

WWE's once hottest act was a happy accident...

Rusev Day took over the WWE Universe towards the end of 2017 - even taking over the WrestleMania 34 crowd during the United States Championship Fatal 4-Way match.

Despite the undisputed success of the gimmick and tandem with Aiden English, WWE never really capitalised on the movement created by The Bulgarian Brute, instead deciding the split them up with that rather confusing 'One Night In Milwaukee' segment on SmackDown Live. And now, the man himself has recently revealed why that happened.

In an interview with Planeta Wrestling ahead of his US title defence against former Champion Shinsuke Nakamura on the 2019 Royal Rumble Kickoff show, Rusev said: “It was supposed to be a one off, just a celebration after I beat Randy Orton and that was it.

"A few weeks after I was going “Rusev Day, Rusev Day” and people really started digging it, even in the backstage with the New Day and with Aiden signing “Rusev Day” helped. People just got it and loved the whole concept and it became really big.”

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