Ryan Nemeth Says Dolph Ziggler May Have Got In Trouble With WWE For 'Anti-Advertising' His AEW Matches

Ziggler used to reference his brother often on social media

Ryan Nemeth has revealed his brother, Dolph Ziggler, may have got in trouble with WWE for Tweeting about his sibling's upcoming matches on AEW Dynamite.

WWE's Ziggler would often reference his brother's matches on AEW in very creative ways on social media, such as sharing unflattering images of Nemeth, or funny photoshops, while actively encouraging wrestling fans to not watch him compete.

Ziggler's Tweets about Nemeth stopped in May and the 36-year-old believes his older brother got a talking to from WWE officials for 'anti-advertising' AEW Dynamite.

Speaking on the Talk Is Jericho Podcast, Nemeth said: "I think he got in trouble for tweeting so much...he would always anti-advertise for Dynamite by posting 'do not watch this show, this guy sucks' and it's (a picture) of me. 'Don't tune in to TNT at 8 pm tonight.' 

"I think, after a few months, maybe he got a talking to."

Jericho himself would then reveal that he had tried to book Ziggler for his Wrestling Cruise, only to be told it couldn't happen.

Jericho said: "I was going to book him on my cruise at one point and it was like, 'You can't book him on your cruise.' 'Why? He's coming as a comedian.'"

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