Sami Zayn: Bo Dallas Is One Of The Most Talented People WWE Has

"If I had my way, I’d definitely showcase him a little bit more.”

Bo Dallas is one of WWE's most talented superstars and should be showcased more often, according to Sami Zayn. 

Dallas has not wrestled a match in WWE since November 2019 and has not been seen on television for a number of months. Despite the release of his tag-team partner, Curtis Axel, Dallas has remained on WWE's books but not utilised by the company. 

A former NXT Champion, Dallas' ability in the ring is known, and a fellow former NXT superstar wants to see the 30-year-old given more chance to shine on television. 

Zayn was in WWE's black-and-gold brand at the same time and expressed his belief that Dallas is one of WWE's most talented performers.

Speaking to SK Wrestling, Zayn said: “I’m not even talking about pushing to the moon, but just pushing, using, I’d actually say Bo Dallas. People talk about underrated wrestlers a lot. My name will come up, Cesaro’s name will come up, and a bunch of guys, Dolph Ziggler, all these kind of people, names will come up a lot.”

“Bo Dallas, in my opinion, is maybe the most talented person we have that doesn’t get… I mean, he’s not even being used. I know it’s totally hard, there’s only so much television time. We’ve got so many stories lined up.

“But I was with him in NXT at the time when he was NXT Champion. I know exactly what he’s capable of. I think he’s one of the most talented people we have that’s not getting even an inch. So if I had my way, I’d definitely showcase him a little bit more.”

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