Samoa Joe Hails Brilliance of Tripe H & William Regal In WWE NXT

Joe has been back in NXT since June

Samoa Joe has praised the brilliance of Triple H and William Regal on the WWE NXT brand. 

Joe was brought into NXT by Triple H and worked closely with Regal during his formative years as a wrestler. The Samoan Submission Machine was brought back to WWE for NXT, following his initial release in April.

Speaking on the WrestleSlam Podcast, when asked about Regal, Joe said: "You know, when you’re around Regal he has so much information packed in that brain, it’s almost as if he doesn’t have the processor just to get it all out at once. 

"But, you hang around him long enough and then, these kinda spouts of wisdom will kind of flow out of him. And then, you’re kinda like ‘oh that a good one, oh I’ll take that too’. Anytime you’re around them, you’re always gonna learn something.”

When asked about the impact of Triple H on NXT, Joe continued: "I think the biggest thing is, the biggest influence he has, is he has an ability to kind of, look at a superstar and figure out, what that extra little need is. A lot of those entrances, a lot of the spectacle that you see produced on NXT, a lot of that comes out of his head, and you know it just works so many times.

"It’s amazing to see him kind of sit down with the character, and kind of figure out this is how we need to put it together, this is how we need to make it look, and it’s going to be awesome. And then lo and behold, we’ll come to TakeOver and it’s this amazing entrance, and it’s just this great introduction to the world. So, I tip my hat to him for that."

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