Samoa Joe Says AJ Styles Wants A WWE NXT Run

AJ ‘skipped’ NXT when he signed with WWE in 2016

When AJ Styles joined WWE in 2016 he did what few new signings do - skipped NXT and went straight onto WWE’s ‘main roster’.

However, it seems that Styles would relish a run on WWE’s Black and Gold brand according to Styles’ long-time friend and former NXT Champion Samoa Joe.

Speaking with SportsMattersTV, Joe said:

"He’s [AJ Styles] walking around with that big meal ticket he’s got with him right now, I don’t know, he might not be too keen to get in a real fight these days. You know, I need to find me an Omos, man. He’s got a really good gig going on. I’m a little jealous to be honest. He’s figured out something great but you know, absolutely [I would like to wrestle Styles in NXT].”

"I think the never-ending war between me and AJ will always continue," Joe continued. "And he’s always expressed to people that he’d love to do a little stint in NXT, come over and have some fun so, like I said, in this chaotic world, no one knows what the future holds." 

Joe and Styles famously feuded over the X Division title during TNA’s ‘golden era’, producing some of the finest matches in that promotion’s history, alongside Christopher Daniels. The two also had a heated feud on SmackDown in 2018. If the two ever decided to go at it in an NXT ring, it’d certainly whip up a lot of intrigue.

H/T: POST Wrestling

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