Samoa Joe Wants AEW To Move Away From 'A Lot Of The Petty Stuff’

Samoa Joe wants to focus on the wrestling in AEW

The Samoa Joe era of All Elite Wrestling has begun, with the new AEW World Champion decreeing that challengers will only get a shot at the champ if they can prove to the title committee that they have earned one.

It’s not just in the ring where Joe wants to change the perception of AEW, as the ‘Samoan Submission Machine’ told Sports Illustrated he wants to focus on entertaining people again after a turbulent 2023:

“I understand the world of professional wrestling,” said Joe. “I’ve seen things work at a very high level, and I understand the type of people backstage that it takes for that to happen. I try to be that person. As champion, you’re the standard-bearer. I’m more than happy to take up that mantle. I really want to make a focus of getting the fans’ attention back on the conflict in the ring, and a lot of the petty stuff needs to melt away. Let’s get back to entertaining people.”

Joe was reportedly involved in the backstage altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry backstage at All In in August 2023, with Joe reportedly breaking up the fight between the two before opening the show against Punk.

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