Samoa Joe Wants WWE Dream Match With Randy Orton

Joe wants The Viper

Samoa Joe has named Randy Orton as the guy from the WWE main roster that he would still like to have a match with.

Despite sharing the ring together many times over the past few years, Joe and Orton have never had the opportunity to face each other one-on-one, something the reigning NXT Champion would like to change. 

Even though he's back on the black-and-gold brand, Joe is eyeing up a bout with the Viper, and would also like to wrestle Brock Lesnar one more time, as well as the plethora of talent in front of him in NXT.

Speaking with Metro.co.uk, Joe said: "That’s really what excites me at this point. There’s a lot of matches out there in the ether that maybe I could get to do.

"I’d still love to go round with Randy Orton once, just ’cause I think he’s tremendous as a performer in what he’s able to do. I’d love to go with Brock again, that’s always great.

"When I look at this crop, this murderer’s row of NXT stars in front of me, it’s hard not to want them too. It’s a target-rich environment, and I’m very happy to me in there!"

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