Santana & Ortiz Were Originally Booked To Surrender At AEW Blood & Guts

The spot was switched to Sammy Guevara

The Inner Circle said ahead of Blood & Guts that the only way they would surrender would be if The Pinnacle killed them. 

While no murders took place on live TV, Sammy Guevara did surrender after MJF threatened to push Chris Jericho off the top of the cage and The Pinnacle left Daily's Place as the victors.

Jericho discussed the finish of the match at length on his podcast and he revealed the original plan was for Santana and Ortiz to surrender, but the spot was switched to Sammy Guevara.

"The idea after that, you saw it, he [MJF] hits me with the ring and then I'm down and out and he's gonna throw me off unless the guys' surrender. And we thought how much of a piece of sh*t move would it be if the guys do surrender and he throws me off anyway and that's kind of where it all came from. Which was a combination of a Tony Khan idea and an MJF idea and a Jericho idea," The Painmaker said.

"What was best for our angle and our story considering we started with Blood & Guts and didn't finish with it was this piece of sh*t. The Inner Circle was up, they were winning, everything was great until MJF cheated and then all he had left was threatening to kill me because we said you're gonna have to kill us to make us surrender," he continued.

"And when he threatened that, Sammy surrendered. The original plan was for Santana and Ortiz to do that and then Santana had the idea for Sammy to do it which was more of a babyface thing for Sammy. Once again, we're always working together with each other to try and think of the best moments and the best ideas for what's going on with the story and the characters."

The feud between the two factions continued after Blood & Guts and The Inner Circle drenched The Pinnacle with a Little Bit of the Bubbly during last night's Dynamite. MJF then issued the challenge for a Stadium Stampede Match at Double Or Nothing, but Inner Circle have yet to accept.  

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