Santos Escobar Reveals Triple H Initially Turned Down Reviving The LWO

Triple H initially said 'no' to an LWO revival according to Santos Escobar

The Latino World Order are running wild once more, with Eddie Guerrero’s short-lived WCW faction successfully enjoying a run in WWE.

However, it seems an LWO revival wasn’t always on the cards, as the LWO’s Santos Escobar revealed to Ryan Satin on Out of Character that an early request to revive the group was initially turned down:

“The very first conversation I had with Triple H, and he asked me, ‘What do you want to do?’ I told him, ‘Can I bring back the LWO?’ Before I said the letter ‘O,’ he said, ‘No. I want you to be you, and I want people to see you, and not think of anybody else. I want you to think of something. You want a group? We can do a group. But write something down, think about it, give it to me, and we’ll see. So that kind of shot down my initial desire, but Triple H was right. The time wasn’t right, it wouldn’t have been what it is right now. Also, it needed a very important ingredient, an O.G, an original LWO [member], and that’s Rey. So that’s why Legado came about, and it was beautiful. It gave me the opportunity to do everything I wanted to do. Who I am, where I come from, what I’m about, and that’s what I did every single time I was out there. Every promo, every backstage, every scene, every feud, every rivalry was letting people know that I’m all about lucha libre, that lucha libre is about tradition, heritage, culture, familia. All the values that you have, whether you’re Mexican, Latino, or not, are the values I have. We relate, and that’s how Legado got over, that’s how Santos got really over on NXT. Because everything I say, it’s real," Escobar said.

Rey Mysterio is the only hangover from the original LWO, with the lucha legend serving as the second leader of the group after initially feuding with the crew.

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