Sasha Banks: It's Up To The WWE Fans If They Want To Cheer Or Boo Me

Sasha Banks has sat on the fence...

Sasha Banks says she believes her WWE character has reached a place where she is neither heel or babyface, and the decision is left up to the fans whether they want to support or boo her.

Banks returned to WWE television at Extreme Rules 2021, attacking both Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair. The Boss' standing on the roster has been left ambiguous, with the WrestleMania-37 main eventer happy to attack both The Man and The EST ahead of their Triple Threat Match at Crown Jewel 2021.

Banks feels her character is now in a place where the viewers recognise her as The Boss and will therefore react however they see fit.

Speaking to the New York Post, Banks said: "I think that’s any character with WWE.  That’s up to the fans whether they want to cheer or boo me. I’m just being me. I know Becky Lynch is just being herself. Bianca Belair is just being herself, Charlotte Flair.

"When you’ve been this character, this thing for so long there’s no such thing as a heel or a baby face. You’re just in the eyes of the viewers the legit boss. It’s so cool to get the reception that I get."

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