Arn Anderson On His AEW Glock Comments: "The Old Arn Anderson Is Back, If Only For A Brief Time”

Anderson’s comments were the talk of the wrestling world

Arn Anderson set the internet ablaze recently after commenting about ‘pulling out the Glock’ in a heated exchange with Cody Rhodes on AEW Dynamite.

Memes, quotes, and merchandise appeared quicker than you can say ‘spinebuster’, and suddenly the entire wrestling world was talking about The Enforcer once more.

Since then, Anderson has addressed his Glock comments, saying on the ARN Podcast:

“Well times are a-changin aren’t they? Attitudes are a-changin. No, no [I’m not packing heat]. I may be carrying a little heat but I don’t know. Who knows, you know? Old people, you can only push ‘em so far and they get dangerous.”

Jokes were made that Anderson’s son Brock was named due to his name sounding like Glock, but Arn poured water on this theory:

“I did not name him Brock [Anderson] because of that. Incorrect, and Glocks are purely, as long as everybody gets it, are defensive mechanisms, only. But it has — there’s been some attitude changes necessary, mine for one to begin with, Cody [Rhodes’] for another and we’re starting to get a little different feel when we talk and strategise and we’ll see. It’s gonna be very, very interesting the next month.”

While the extreme Glock comments created discussion and allowed wrestling fans to have some fun, many pointed at how it was reminiscent of the old Arn Anderson who routinely battered people as part of the Four Horsemen:

“Absolutely not, absolutely not [Arn said in response to if people will see him pull out a gun on the throwback Jim Crockett Promotions episodes] but I can tell you this; there is a new attitude coming from a place long ago. Those that remember, you can hear some stuff like in these promos. You know, that was everyday occurrence of toeing the line, you know, on promos back then. But there wasn’t such an emphasis on, ‘Oh, you can’t say that. Oh my God, you’ve crossed the line.’ But the old Arn Anderson is back, if only for a brief time. Attitudes are gonna change around me and it’s my way or the highway and the t-shirts reflect it.”

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