Sasha Banks Reveals What She Wants To Do Next

Sasha Banks is looking at things outside of sports entertainment

Sasha Banks hasn't been seen on WWE TV since she and Naomi infamously walked out of the company prior to the May 16 episode of Raw. 

The then-Women's Tag Team Champions were subsequently suspended and are yet to resurface, though rumours of a return abound. 

However, The Boss may not be focusing her energy on areas other than wrestling right now. Speaking with Ahch-To Radio: A Star Wars Podcast, the Mandalorian actor spoke about what she wants to do next.

"There is so much that I’m kind of creating right now. It's all under an umbrella…like I said, I'm an actor, model, writer, producer, extraordinaire entertainer so all within those realms, I'm doing something so you just have to stay tuned, stay tuned. But, we have a microphone. That's something big that I wanna do. Not podcasting but music. That's probably - I don't know if that's the number one next thing because acting, there's a lot of things coming up in acting right now. But I'm really starting to focus my mind around music and my music realm and just being kind of a director in the space of creating kind of a musical video piece".

As the cousin of rap megastar Snoop Dogg, Banks may well have an 'in' when it comes to the music industry.

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