Scott D'Amore: I've Never Had A Problem With AEW's Kenny Omega Being IMPACT World Champion

Omega won the IMPACT World Title in April

IMPACT executive Scott D'Amore admits he's personally never had a problem with All Elite Wrestling's Kenny Omega being his promotion's World Champion, but knows he is in the minority in the company.

Omega won the IMPACT World Title in a Winner Takes All Match with Rich Swann in April and will defend the Championship against Sami Callihan at Slammiversary on Saturday night. 

Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world, something D'Amore recognises, but knows there are a few voices in IMPACT who want to see the Title 'back home'.

Speaking with WrestleZone, D'Amore said: "I personally have never had a problem with Kenny Omega representing IMPACT as our world’s champion because he is, if not the best, he’s right there. And I’ve known Kenny, we were together in Japan when I had a cup of coffee and hanging with the Bullet Club and Kenny was there. I saw it, and when you strip back all of the BS and all of the posturing and everything else, Kenny is a driven athlete that wants to be the very best.

"I knew that if Kenny Omega was the IMPACT World Champion, he was going to do that proudly and he takes great, great pride in going out there and being the best, and he takes great pride in being a champion.

"I knew I would have to put up with non-stop nonsense from my still good buddy, even though he’s not my co-worker, Don Callis, I knew he’d be playing his games and Kenny can be a lot to handle sometimes, but I also knew that he’d show up and deliver and he’d be a true world champion, and he has been that.

"So I have no issue with Kenny being the World Champion—however, that seems to be in the minority when you go around the IMPACT Wrestling locker room and the office. There’s definitely a sentiment right now, the term that people keep using is ‘bring the title back home.’"

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