Chris Jericho: WWE Are Finally Letting Roman Reigns Just Be Himself

Reigns has been a force to reckon with on SmackDown

Chris Jericho has heaped praise on the current iteration of the Roman Reigns character in WWE, saying he's the 'coolest cat' in the locker room when he's allowed to be himself.

Reigns, in his Tribal Chief persona, has undoubtedly done the work of his WWE career so far. The Head Of The Table has carried the Universal Championship on SmackDown for almost a year and become the promotion's premiere player. 

Jericho, now with AEW, doesn't keep up with WWE as much but is delighted to see the promotion allowing Reigns to just be his organic self.

Speaking on Konnan's Keepin' it 100 show, Jericho said: "I haven’t [kept up] but I’ve been reading about it and it’s no surprise. When I was there in 2016 I worked with Roman basically all around the world. I was a heel, he was a babyface. It’s a no-brainer there. 

"You know what Roman is? I always said this and he’s doing it now, if you just drop the f**king script and just let him be him, he’s Cool Hand Luke man. He’s like the coolest cat. He’s a great guy.

"Just let him be him, and that’s what he’s doing now, obviously with a heelish slant, which is great."

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