Scrapped Plans For WWE Attitude Era Podcast Revealed

No Attitude Era podcast was greenlit, though

While WWE currently publishes a number of podcasts, former WWE podcast producer Dan Ryckert revealed a pilot was produced for an Attitude Era show. Any plans for a full series were scrapped, though.

Ryckert, who has since rejoined Giant Bomb, discussed his WWE tenure during a Twitch stream earlier this week. 

"I did have a lot of good experiences at WWE and to be fair, the team that I worked with, everyone that I worked with was excellent. We had a podcast team there, we're all there trying to do our best, make stuff. We weren't allowed to do stuff, piloted a bunch of stuff that never made the light of day," Ryckert said.

One of those pilots featured Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Dakota Kai and Stokely Hathaway (FKA Malcolm Bivens) rewatching the Attitude Era but the show was never greenlit. 

"I piloted an Attitude Era podcast with Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Dakota Kai, and Stokely Hathaway (formerly Malcolm Bivens) and it was f*****g great. It was really, really good. We did a super-fun episode of an Attitude Era rewatch podcast with those four incredibly talented individuals who are also not there anymore, but it was great. It was just incredible and that's just one little taste of like the type of things that I was piloting and making that never got greenlit," Ryckert added. 

While WWE might not have a classic podcast, Cultaholic Wrestling have podcasts that review past episodes of Monday Night Raw, SmackDown, and WCW Nitro.

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