Taya Valkyrie "Completely Open" To AEW Run

Could Taya Valkyrie have a run in AEW?

Despite re-establishing herself in IMPACT Wrestling and AAA, Taya Valkyrie has admitted she’d be open to a run in AEW.

‘La Wera Loca’ made the revelation during an interview with WrestleZone, saying she has been inspired to try her hand in AEW after her husband Johnny Elite/Mundo/Morrison dipped his toe into the waters:

"I think it was really important for John to have that moment, too, and I'm glad that he got that and facing someone like Samoa Joe and the first round of the Owen Hart cup. So I mean, I've said in interviews recently, the wrestling landscape is so insane right now, because of how everybody is really working together. So the idea of me potentially going into AEW, or having some sort of crossover there, is something I'm completely open to," Valkyrie said. "There are so many wonderful, talented people over there lots of things, like, the fact that John is there, and I could be with John again, or the fact that you know, my two brothers, Pentagon and Fenix are there working with them, we have a stable that's going to be you know, established in AAA, and AAA and AEW have a great working relationship. I'm the Reina de Reinas Champion, four-time champion. Longest-reigning Knockouts, and Reina de Reinas Champion. So I absolutely think the possibility of that happening at some point would be wonderful. So I'm open to the idea, so we will see what happens."

However, Valkyrie admitted she’s happy just watching John having fun in AEW:

"But I'm very happy to see John having his moment and getting to have really good matches being given time. Listen, for the last six months, I've been watching him think of such crazy new ideas and watching him train his butt off in preparation for what is next. I'm just proud of him. I'm happy that he is somewhere where he seems to be having fun and he's surrounded by his peers," Valkyrie said.

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