Seth Rollins Admits To Considering Walking Out Of WWE In 2014

Seth Rollins made an appearance on Edge and Christian's Pod of Awesomeness Friday to discuss a litany of topics, and shared a rather interesting story about a heated row he once got into with Vince McMahon shortly after his 2014 heel turn.

Rollins worked a match with Kofi Kingston on the episode of SmackDown that aired 20 June 2014, in what Rollins says was supposed to be a squash match for his benefit. Out of respect for Kingston, however, Rollins gave him a small amount of offense in the match. The decision to give back to Kingston earned him the ire of McMahon.

“I remember coming to the back thinking, ‘Okay that was alright,’ but Vince was just furious about it. Furious.” Rollins adds that McMahon yelled, "‘If you’re gonna be my guy, if you’re gonna be my guy, that’s not what I want!’

"He shooed me out of Gorilla, and I didn’t understand.”

Rollins and Kingston were forced to redo the match at the tapings, which infuriated the young star, to the point of him almost making a rash decision.

“I remember the feeling when they told me that, I was so angry and embarrassed I was ready to walk out and not do it. I was like, ‘Never in my life, never! This should never happen to me!’”

But Rollins would calm down and do as he was asked, chalking the entire ordeal up as a learning experience that helped him learn from his mistakes.

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