Seth Rollins Discovers Bovril, Realises He Loves It

Seth Rollins loves Bovril!

Seth Rollins may well down a traditional British drink before he defends his WWE World Heavyweight Championship this weekend at Money in the Bank.

As part of the promotion for Money in the Bank, Rollins was the latest guest on LADbible's Snack Wars in which food and beverages from the United States and the United Kingdom are pitted against each other. 

First up for Rollins was the USA's Starbucks coffee vs. the UK's Bovril. Rollins quickly found the coffee distasteful, mentioning that he is a coffee snob who owns his own coffee shop. This brought the World Heavyweight Champion to Bovril and after initially questioning why 'high-protein beef paste' was alongside coffee, he took a big gulp of the beefy drink and promptly admitted he found it "nutritious and delicious" like a nice bone broth. 

His enjoyment of the drink seemingly came as a surprise to Rollins as he noted that he initially thought it was "going to taste like s**t."

Invented in 1870 by a Scottish butcher on the orders of Napoleon III to assist in the Franco-Prussian War, Bovril has become a staple of British society over the past 150 years and it can often be seen being drunk at football matches as spectators try to stay warm during the cold winter months.  

Beyond its drinking properties, which come from diluting Bovril with water, the beef paste can be used as a flavouring for soups and broths. Some even spread it on toast. 

Seth Rollins will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Finn Balor at WWE Money in the Bank. The show will emanate from The O2 in London, England on Saturday, July 1.

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