Seth Rollins Furiously Responds To Accusations That He 'Looks Down' On Independent Wrestling

Rollins wasn't happy with the suggestion

Seth Rollins has responded furiously on social media to a fan that suggested the WWE star 'looks down' on the independent wrestling scene.

One of WWE's biggest names with some of the company's largest accolades on his CV, Rollins paid his dues on the indies before eventually finding his way to WWE via the promotion's developmental system in 2010.

A clip of one of Rollins' matches from prior to his WWE run - a triple threat bout between himself, Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson - was shared on social media, prompting a response from one Twitter user who said he felt Rollins now looked down on independent wrestling. 

The Tweet read: "Might be an unpopular opinion but I feel like Seth looks down upon indy wrestling these days although that's where he's come from and what gave him his first shot."

The message prompted a furious response from Rollins, who highlighted his wrestling school as a show that he not only doesn't look down on the indies, but is actively supporting them. 

Rollins responded: "I train up and coming independent wrestlers at my school…that I’ve owned and operated for nearly a decade. Not only do I NOT look down on the indies, but I actively support them with my time and effort.

"I’ll stand for a lot of malarkey on this app, but don’t cross that line."

The initial tweet has since been deleted but a screenshot can be seen below. The sender did apologise to Rollins in a separate message, which can also be viewed below.

Rollins tweet november 2021

Rollins apology november 2021

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