Eric Bischoff Hopes The CM Punk-Eddie Kingston Feud Continues After AEW Full Gear

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While Eric Bischoff has been critical of All Elite Wrestling as of late, the former WCW president was full of praise for Eddie Kingston and CM Punk's segment from the November 5 edition of Rampage. 

"On Wednesday it didn't happen but [on Rampage] it did and I don't think they could've done a better job. I don't think it's possible to do a better job, humanly possible for any talent in any organisation to do a better job than Eddie Kingston did in that promo because it was real. It came from his heart, he probably didn't even need to write it down. I'm sure he didn't need some writer, I'm not knocking writers but unless that writer is really inside your soul or head, no writer can write for you when you feel as passionate as Eddie did in that promo," Bischoff said on 83 Weeks.

"You can't artificially create that level of true emotion and intensity, it has to be real and I don't think anybody could deliver it better. I don't think The Rock would have delivered it better. I don't think anybody in the industry right now could've done a better job of that promo than Eddie Kingston."

Punk and Kingston have only been feuding since The Mad King's loss to Bryan Danielson on October 29 and Bischoff hopes their feud continues beyond Full Gear. 

"I'm sure someone is going to take this as a negative comment and it's not, I only wish Eddie and Punk had more time to build that story because I think the potential is there for that to be a huge story. It's a good story and it could've been a better story had it had more time to build," Bischoff continued.

"Now, I say that knowing full well that just because they're having a match at the pay-per-view doesn't mean it's the end of the story. It could very well be, typically pay-per-view matches tend to be the end of a story but there's no rule book that says it can’t be a step in a longer arc. I just think the raw ingredients are there to build something really cool. I hope it goes beyond the pay-per-view, I'm definitely going to watch the pay-per-view because of it truly. I want to see, I'm going to watch the story, I'm going to watch the Punk-Kingston story from beginning to end and for my own purposes. 

"Not to publicise it, not to talk about it unless I see something that I really think is notable. I want to see the structure of that story and see where they knock it out of the park or where they left money on the table and could've done better. All the raw ingredients are there man, just couldn't be happier for Eddie Kingston. Not taking anything away from Punk, he's an important part of this story obviously but that promo, the power of that whole scene was Eddie Kingston."

Eddie Kingston will go one-on-one with CM Punk at Full Gear on Saturday, November 13. Other matches on the card include Christian Cage & Jurassic Express vs. The Superkliq in a Falls Count Anywhere Match and Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page for the AEW World Title. 

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