Seth Rollins Reveals He Has 'A Couple Of Years Left' On WWE Contract

Rollins was evaluating his WWE career

Seth Rollins has revealed he has 'a couple of years' left on his contract with WWE.

Rollins has arguably achieved all there is to do in WWE by the age of 35. The 'Drip God' is a multiple-time WWE and Universal Champion, a Royal Rumble winner, a former Mr Money in The Bank and a Grand Slam champion.

Evaluating in career in WWE and in wrestling in general, Rollins admits his life is changing because he now has a daughter.

Speaking on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions, when asked if he still loves wrestling in the same way as he did when he started, Rollins said: "I do, but in a different way. My goals, as I've gotten older in the business, I've checked off a lot of boxes. WrestleMania main event, being on the marquee for that, that one looms pretty heavy over my head and I don't think I'll be satisfied entirely until I get that one done, if ever. There are not a lot of guys who have that prestige, but I'm going to work towards it.

"I love the performance aspect of what we do and now that we're back to live crowds, I love that, I'll never get sick of that. That synergy, that feeling, you can't beat that. I love that.

"Now, as a dad, part of me is starting to shift a little bit. I have a couple years left on my contract, I definitely want to see that through. After that, we'll see what happens. I don't know, I wish I had a proper answer because I love it, but life is starting to get a lot bigger when you got a little baby girl and when my contract is up, she'll be about 3 or 4 and ready to go into school and do stuff. We'll see. 

"If it all ended tomorrow, I'd be pretty satisfied with the things I've accomplished and the contributions I've made to the business. I always wanted to leave it better than I found it and I've been able to do that in some respects. I'm proud of that."

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