Chris Jericho: AEW Has A Bank Of ‘400 Main Event Matches’ To Rely On

Jericho is excited by AEW’s stacked main event scene

With AEW’s massive influx of top tier talent into their men’s roster, it has opened up a bevy of potential feuds, one offs, and dream matches. If you were to ask Chris Jericho just how many main event matches were at AEW’s disposal, he’d tell you ‘400’.

Jericho made the claim when talking about the signings of Bryan Danielson and CM Punk, saying to Stephanie Chase:

“Not really much has changed [for me], it’s just more like now there’s so much focus on AEW. I think we’ve now made it safe for people to come to our company, it’s not taking a chance anymore. I think those guys realise it. They’re coming here now on a mission because they know that AEW can, and will, make some waves and make a difference in the wrestling world. Which, we’ve already done.

“But now it’s even more compounded than ever by having [Bryan Danielson and CM Punk] with us. It’s huge. It’s huge for us, it’s huge for me, it’s huge for the fans, for the company, and it’s great.”

Jericho continued:

“It just opens up so many doors of matches that we have. We had a lot of matches on tap before, but now there’s probably 25 or 30 matches for almost everybody on the roster that we can have. Probably 20 of those people can main event matches. 20 x 25, that’s probably a solid 400 main event matches that we have in the bank now with these new guys coming in. It’s great, it’s exciting.”

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